How to Treat Mattress for Lice?


Hair lice is a common occurrence, especially in children between 3-13 age. It can be an itchy nuisance, but it is not a thing to lose your hair over. Only care and few steps can help you to eradicate the infection. It ensures that your children go forward in life lice-free.

While treating hair lice, it is a worry that your complete home, including your expensive possessions like your mattress, may be infested.

How can you get rid of lice from your mattress?

Keep in mind that lice cannot survive away from a food source for more than two days. Their survival is impossible without a host. When they leave a host, they search for some oily surface to live there. The sweat and oil on your skin cause them to stick to your body.

If we talk about your mattress, it may be oily due to body secretions. Head lice land on the mattress and make it the host. When you sleep on it, you wake up with an itchy feeling. It also causes infections and allergies. Now we will tell you that how you can make your mattress free of lice.

Steps for lice treatment from your mattress:

Follow the given steps to eliminate lice from your bedding.

Step 1: Wash all covers and blankets at high temperature:

First of all, strip all covers, blankets, and sheets from your bed and wash them at high heat. This heat kills all lice that are alive. Also, pay attention to those pillows, blankets, and other stuff on which your children lay their heads.

Put all these things in the washing machine too. You cannot put those items in a washing machine like pillows and treat them in a freezer for many hours.

Step 2: Vacuum, clean, and spray all cleaned items with essential oils:

When you have stripped the mattress and cleaned all bedding items, it is necessary to give them a vacuuming thoroughly.

After it, we recommend you spray them down with some suitable anti-lice essential oil. A mixture of lavender and peppermint is a good spray for this purpose. This oil will help you to sleep bug-free.

Step 3: Use some effective insecticides:

If you want intense lice removal, we suggest you use some effective insecticide. One of the best anti-lice and effective insecticides is food-grade diatomaceous earth. Firstly, dust your mattress with this diatomaceous earth and then vacuum it to remove it from the mattress. Make sure that you buy this insecticide from some fresh-water source. Other grades have many toxic chemicals that are not suitable for contact or breathing of both pet animals and humans.

These steps will help you to remove bed bugs and lice from your mattress effectively. Additionally, be sure that the lice source; head of your family members are lice-free.

Final Thoughts:

The experience with head lice is not pleasant. But the hope is not lost. Several effective measures can prevent lice from your unconvincing life.

You can use different essential oils to get rid of them. If you find them in your household items like mattresses, take strong action to reduce their adverse effects. We have provided you with information to make your mattress lice-free.

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