How to Keep Mattress Topper From Sliding?

The mattress gives us a comfortable sleeping experience; no matter we have a soft or firm mattress, its topper improves our sleeping quality. One of the common complaints that people report is that their mattress topper does not remain stable, and it needs adjustment too frequently.  Surely you need a solution to topper sliding; stay with us and know how to keep your mattress topper from sliding.

Reasons for mattress topper sliding

Several reasons cause the sliding of your mattress topper. Some of the significant reasons for mattress topper sliding are smooth mattress covers; you have chosen incompatible size, the base is not stable, and the absence of footboard and headboard.

How to keep the mattress topper from sliding?

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Here we will share some easy tips to help you to keep your mattress topper from sliding.

Use Bedsheet holders

If you face a topper sliding problem too frequently, then try to use sheet straps. Sheet straps are stretchable bands that place under the mattress topper and protect the sheet from bunching up. Due to such firm sheets, the mattress and topper remain to hold together and protect them from sliding.

Tight Fitted sheets

Using the Tightly fitted sheets is also a good option to prevent your mattress topper from sliding. You can use the tightly fitted sheet covering on the mattress and the toppers. The tightly fitted sheet keeps the topper and mattress together.

Just place that sheet beneath the bed that will hold the topper and mattress together, but it is not a permanent solution. If there is too much movement, you may see the topper sliding even after placing the tightly fitted sheet.

Use Non-skid Mat

You surely experience the use of Non-skid mats in your washroom to protect yourself from slipping. It can also help you to keep your mattress topper from sliding. Non-skid mat works well with memory foam mattresses and latex mattresses; they stick to the layers, enhancing the grip to prevent the topper from sliding and keeping it in the proper place.

Use Velcro system

It is also a better option to prevent your mattress topper from sliding that you should use sticking Velcro or Velcro strips tape along your mattress and topper edges. It will keep the topper and mattress together and protect them from shifting.

Safety Pins

Your small safety pins will also work and keep your mattress and topper together and protect them from sliding. It is convenient; you can easily pin the topper and mattress together, keeping them together and protecting them from moving aside.

Use Carpet tape

Do you have duct-sized carpet tape? It can also help you prevent your mattress and topper from sliding the same as it works for the carpet. You can put that tape along the mattress and topper edges and bind them tightly together.

Final Thoughts

Mattress toppers are comfortable sleeping, but their too frequent sliding can make your experience bad and deteriorate your sleeping quality. But you can protect it from sliding by using simple and easy techniques.

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