How to Dispose of Old Mattress?

A mattress serves us for many years, but once it lasts, it becomes our responsibility to properly dispose of the old mattress to keep our environment safe and clean. In the United States, approximately more than 18 million mattresses are disposed of every year.

Also more than 50 thousand mattresses are disposed of in a day. But when you need to dispose of your old mattress, you should behave responsibly and dispose of the old mattress.

Helpful tips for disposing of your old mattress


Before disposing of your old mattress, check the warranty cover; if there is a warranty cover, you can repair it and extend your mattress life for some more years, and also you can save some money.

If you have checked and there is no warranty period remaining, then go to your state policies and read the policies carefully about disposing of the old mattress.

Once you have read the policies and check the warranty cover and now want to dispose of the old mattress, consider the following points to dispose of the old mattress.

Try to recycle the mattress.

It is a better option for your old mattress to recycle it instead of throwing it in the garbage. The mattress is manufactured with non-biodegradable items that become the permanent cause of land pollution.

So check it thoroughly, and if possible, you can recycle it, then search the recycling service providers in your city and get it recycled. But if you feel there is no option to recycle, then go ahead to dispose of it.

Donate your old mattress

If you want to dispose of the old mattress, it is also the best way to dispose of your mattress to donate to a local charity or trust. There are many charity firms in a city, you can find them locally, and it will also save your tax deduction by donating the mattress to charity.

Repurpose old mattress

You can also find many other ways to use the mattress or its parts, such as foam, spring, or other parts for other purposes. You can use your residual mattress parts for gardening, crafts, decoration, swing for your kids, and many other home projects. It is also a wise use of an old mattress instead of throwing it in the garbage.

Resell the mattress

If you do not find any useful way, you can also resell your old mattress and earn some money to buy a good quality new mattress to replace the older one.

Throw your mattress out

Finally, if you do not want to try any of the above ways, then you can throw it out, but before throwing the mattress, read the State policy and dispose of the old mattress according to the State policy.

Final Thoughts

A mattress, over time, becomes old and needs replacement. A mattress is made up of non-biodegradable materials that cause land pollution, so being a responsible citizen, you should dispose of a mattress wisely. We have also shared some easy and beneficial ways to dispose of your old mattress.

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