How to Dispose of Old Mattress?

A mattress serves us for many years, but once it lasts, it becomes our responsibility to properly dispose of the old mattress to keep our environment safe and clean. In the United States, approximately more than 18 million mattresses are disposed of every year.

Also more than 50 thousand mattresses are disposed of in a day. But when you need to dispose of your old mattress, you should behave responsibly and dispose of the old mattress.

Helpful tips for disposing of your old mattress


Before disposing of your old mattress, check the warranty cover; if there is a warranty cover, you can repair it and extend your mattress life for some more years, and also you can save some money.

If you have checked and there is no warranty period remaining, then go to your state policies and read the policies carefully about disposing of the old mattress.

Once you have read the policies and check the warranty cover and now want to dispose of the old mattress, consider the following points to dispose of the old mattress.

Try to recycle the mattress.

It is a better option for your old mattress to recycle it instead of throwing it in the garbage. The mattress is manufactured with non-biodegradable items that become the permanent cause of land pollution.

So check it thoroughly, and if possible, you can recycle it, then search the recycling service providers in your city and get it recycled. But if you feel there is no option to recycle, then go ahead to dispose of it.

Donate your old mattress

If you want to dispose of the old mattress, it is also the best way to dispose of your mattress to donate to a local charity or trust. There are many charity firms in a city, you can find them locally, and it will also save your tax deduction by donating the mattress to charity.

Repurpose old mattress

You can also find many other ways to use the mattress or its parts, such as foam, spring, or other parts for other purposes. You can use your residual mattress parts for gardening, crafts, decoration, swing for your kids, and many other home projects. It is also a wise use of an old mattress instead of throwing it in the garbage.

Resell the mattress

If you do not find any useful way, you can also resell your old mattress and earn some money to buy a good quality new mattress to replace the older one.

Throw your mattress out

Finally, if you do not want to try any of the above ways, then you can throw it out, but before throwing the mattress, read the State policy and dispose of the old mattress according to the State policy.

Final Thoughts

A mattress, over time, becomes old and needs replacement. A mattress is made up of non-biodegradable materials that cause land pollution, so being a responsible citizen, you should dispose of a mattress wisely. We have also shared some easy and beneficial ways to dispose of your old mattress.

How to Treat Mattress for Lice?


Hair lice is a common occurrence, especially in children between 3-13 age. It can be an itchy nuisance, but it is not a thing to lose your hair over. Only care and few steps can help you to eradicate the infection. It ensures that your children go forward in life lice-free.

While treating hair lice, it is a worry that your complete home, including your expensive possessions like your mattress, may be infested.

How can you get rid of lice from your mattress?

Keep in mind that lice cannot survive away from a food source for more than two days. Their survival is impossible without a host. When they leave a host, they search for some oily surface to live there. The sweat and oil on your skin cause them to stick to your body.

If we talk about your mattress, it may be oily due to body secretions. Head lice land on the mattress and make it the host. When you sleep on it, you wake up with an itchy feeling. It also causes infections and allergies. Now we will tell you that how you can make your mattress free of lice.

Steps for lice treatment from your mattress:

Follow the given steps to eliminate lice from your bedding.

Step 1: Wash all covers and blankets at high temperature:

First of all, strip all covers, blankets, and sheets from your bed and wash them at high heat. This heat kills all lice that are alive. Also, pay attention to those pillows, blankets, and other stuff on which your children lay their heads.

Put all these things in the washing machine too. You cannot put those items in a washing machine like pillows and treat them in a freezer for many hours.

Step 2: Vacuum, clean, and spray all cleaned items with essential oils:

When you have stripped the mattress and cleaned all bedding items, it is necessary to give them a vacuuming thoroughly.

After it, we recommend you spray them down with some suitable anti-lice essential oil. A mixture of lavender and peppermint is a good spray for this purpose. This oil will help you to sleep bug-free.

Step 3: Use some effective insecticides:

If you want intense lice removal, we suggest you use some effective insecticide. One of the best anti-lice and effective insecticides is food-grade diatomaceous earth. Firstly, dust your mattress with this diatomaceous earth and then vacuum it to remove it from the mattress. Make sure that you buy this insecticide from some fresh-water source. Other grades have many toxic chemicals that are not suitable for contact or breathing of both pet animals and humans.

These steps will help you to remove bed bugs and lice from your mattress effectively. Additionally, be sure that the lice source; head of your family members are lice-free.

Final Thoughts:

The experience with head lice is not pleasant. But the hope is not lost. Several effective measures can prevent lice from your unconvincing life.

You can use different essential oils to get rid of them. If you find them in your household items like mattresses, take strong action to reduce their adverse effects. We have provided you with information to make your mattress lice-free.

How to Keep Mattress Topper From Sliding?

The mattress gives us a comfortable sleeping experience; no matter we have a soft or firm mattress, its topper improves our sleeping quality. One of the common complaints that people report is that their mattress topper does not remain stable, and it needs adjustment too frequently.  Surely you need a solution to topper sliding; stay with us and know how to keep your mattress topper from sliding.

Reasons for mattress topper sliding

Several reasons cause the sliding of your mattress topper. Some of the significant reasons for mattress topper sliding are smooth mattress covers; you have chosen incompatible size, the base is not stable, and the absence of footboard and headboard.

How to keep the mattress topper from sliding?

mattress topper

Here we will share some easy tips to help you to keep your mattress topper from sliding.

Use Bedsheet holders

If you face a topper sliding problem too frequently, then try to use sheet straps. Sheet straps are stretchable bands that place under the mattress topper and protect the sheet from bunching up. Due to such firm sheets, the mattress and topper remain to hold together and protect them from sliding.

Tight Fitted sheets

Using the Tightly fitted sheets is also a good option to prevent your mattress topper from sliding. You can use the tightly fitted sheet covering on the mattress and the toppers. The tightly fitted sheet keeps the topper and mattress together.

Just place that sheet beneath the bed that will hold the topper and mattress together, but it is not a permanent solution. If there is too much movement, you may see the topper sliding even after placing the tightly fitted sheet.

Use Non-skid Mat

You surely experience the use of Non-skid mats in your washroom to protect yourself from slipping. It can also help you to keep your mattress topper from sliding. Non-skid mat works well with memory foam mattresses and latex mattresses; they stick to the layers, enhancing the grip to prevent the topper from sliding and keeping it in the proper place.

Use Velcro system

It is also a better option to prevent your mattress topper from sliding that you should use sticking Velcro or Velcro strips tape along your mattress and topper edges. It will keep the topper and mattress together and protect them from shifting.

Safety Pins

Your small safety pins will also work and keep your mattress and topper together and protect them from sliding. It is convenient; you can easily pin the topper and mattress together, keeping them together and protecting them from moving aside.

Use Carpet tape

Do you have duct-sized carpet tape? It can also help you prevent your mattress and topper from sliding the same as it works for the carpet. You can put that tape along the mattress and topper edges and bind them tightly together.

Final Thoughts

Mattress toppers are comfortable sleeping, but their too frequent sliding can make your experience bad and deteriorate your sleeping quality. But you can protect it from sliding by using simple and easy techniques.

How to Get rid of Bed Bugs in a Mattress?

Do you think that your mattress has bed bugs? Have you faced any insect biting at night? Have you seen bed bugs in the seams of a mattress? If you say "yes," then you need to take action instantly. Remove them from your mattress as soon as possible. The reason is that their long stay in your mattress can lead to a bigger problem. It may cause many diseases. One of the severe effects of these bed bugs is allergy and malaria.

How can you remove bed bugs from your mattress?

Bed Bugs in a Mattress

Keep in mind that bed bugs are invisible and wingless insects. It is difficult to observe them with a naked human eye. Also, their eggs are tiny, so you cannot remove them completely. But we are providing you with a guideline that will reduce their population in your mattress.

If you want to get rid of these bed bugs, follow the instructions given below carefully.

  • Firstly, you need to separate pillowcase, sheets, and other removable covers from your mattress. Carry these covers in garbage bags to prevent contamination while putting them in the washing machine. It would be best if you use warm water.
  • Now, vacuum your mattress thoroughly and carefully with full attention to crevices, seams, and indentations where bed bugs like to hide. Go outside and empty the vacuum cleaner from these hidden bed bugs.
  • Keep your mattress along with the box spring in the bedbug-proof cover. These covers are special mattress protectors that surround your mattress. They prevent the biting of bed bugs from everywhere. Their zipper is designed so to make the bed bug escape impossible.
  • Kill all bed bugs on your headboard and bed frame. Pay careful attention to cracks and joints. You can also use pesticides spray for this purpose. But we suggest you read the care label first and then apply the spray as directed. The reason is that the pesticides can be fatal if used improperly.
  • Separate your bed away from the wall. Keep bed bug interceptor cups under each foot of the bed. The interceptor cups contain insecticides that kill bed bugs climbing up the legs of your bed. Make sure that no bed items touch the ground. Don't use the wide blanket, bed skirt, or other bedding that touches the floor.
  • Now you should vacuum the ground completely. Observe bed bugs in other areas of the room. Also, inspect them in the rest of the home areas. It is noteworthy that the recently-laid bed bug eggs hatch and mature in a short period. So, we suggest you repeat the above instructions at periodic intervals. It will help if you remain vigilant in this regard.

The removal of bed bugs from your mattress can be a time-consuming task, but you should not be careless about it. If their growth keeps on increasing, you can face hazardous effects.

Final Thoughts:

Getting rid of bed bugs from your mattress is a risky task because it involves applying insecticides and pesticides. Therefore, many skilled pest control professionals can help you to eradicate these dangerous bed bugs. But their charges are high. They charge an extra amount of money for sprays and pesticides also. So we suggest you do it by yourself with careful attention.